Urban Evolution Salon


We welcome you to learn about our core values and apply to be apart of our Urban Evolution team!

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UES Core values

We acknowledge that if we are not moving forward, we are moving backwards. We live in abundance, choosing to acknowledge that our minds are the only thing that hold us back. We take personal responsibility for the action and discipline required to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

We come from an “all in” mentality. We show up looking the part, with humility, on time, prepared, and ready to engage with everyone in our path. We believe this is the clearest path to connection.

The act of making other people feel seen, heard, important, and cared for. This should be at the center of everything we do. When in doubt, we ask ourselves, “Are we being of service to others?”

We share every responsibility, coming together for the greater good. We are stronger together than we are alone, and we show respect and gratitude for each other.

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort. Choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy. It’s choosing to practice your values rather than simply professing them.