Culture: We live by a strong set of core values. We value integrity, accountability, teamwork, showing up, service, and above all growth mindsets. We acknowledge that it takes these qualities to provide an amazing environment for our team and an amazing experience for our guests

Service standards:

Our salon is a comfortable, immaculate, and positive environment where people are able to be their very best selves. Evolvers show up and are all in. With the guests and with each other. We provide a consistent and tangible experience where the guest will know exactly what to expect when they walk through the door and then we strive to exceed their expectations. Everyone who has a touch point with the company feels served and empowered by what we do. We care for our team in a way that makes us feel so positive that it bleeds onto our coworkers, our guests, and our families. We make each other better.  We help heal the earth and our world with our business practices. We make that desire contagious.